Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)with instructor Charles Wise -
     A grappling martial art that utilizes technique and leverage to impose strangle holds and joint locks while on the ground, allowing a person to defend him or herself effectively against a stronger and larger opponent. 
     While many hand-to-hand martial arts rely on strikes using speed and power, BJJ takes a different approach.  BJJ emphasizes closing the distance between you and your opponent and taking him or her to the ground where technique and leverage can be used to apply submissions or strike more effectively.
Benefits of BJJ:
- Improved... balance, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance
- It is a highly effective form of self-defense that promotes a healthy lifestyle through numerous side benefits including self-confidence, discipline, and structure.
- Get in shape, gain confidence, and release stress, all while forming a network of like-minded people sure to motivate and inspire you.
*Wise Kids (4-6 years old) – In this series the kids learn valuable skills and techniques that help to improve their coordination and agility, give them confidence and help train them to be prepared for the Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere.     (*3-month series - Advance registration is required)
Kids BJJ (7-9 years old) – This BJJ class is for beginner to intermediate students. 
Kids BJJ (10-13 years old) – This BJJ class if for the older kids just beginning and/or more intermediate to advanced.
Adults BJJ – The adult class is open to all skill/belt levels and students from all schools are welcome. Bring your gi to all classes (but sometimes the class is no gi). We focus on technique, train hard and offer a supportive environment for everyone to learn and improve in.

Striking with instructor Ryan Mormello -
Cardio based Muay Thai bag drill class including core conditioning and other various exercises designed to increase your overall athleticism. Developing proficiency in striking techniques, pad holding, bag drills and light sparring. 

Wise Life Fitness with instructor Kelsy Wise -
Feel empowered with Kelsy's signature all-levels classes:      

Yoga - Kelsy's yoga class designed to give everyone a Welcoming, Inspiring and Super Empowering experience (1 hr)
*Aerial Yogalates - Aerial Yogalates is here! Aerial yoga uses fabric "hammocks" suspended from the ceiling to aid in both traditional yoga poses and Pilates exercises, as well as, aerial adaptations.  You can achieve greater flexibility, better focus, increased muscle strength, and the exhilarating feeling of "flying."  (45 min)

*To reserve your spot go to MindBody App or -> Wise Fighters
Gentle Yoga - Kelsy’s Wise Yoga class designed for beginners and those wanting a gentler practice (1 hr)

Pilates - Tone and strengthen with exercises focusing on the core and including moves for the whole body while enjoying great music and company (45 min)

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